May 2, 2016

South Iceland: Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss

South Iceland is about to be the highlight of our trip. There is so much to do along the coast and the drive is beautiful.

First Icelandic word: Foss - waterfall. 


We all crawled out of our tents after a windy, cold and sleepless night excited for our first adventure. Hiking into the mountains past Skogafoss. We followed the stairs up the waterfall and continued on the well marked path for the next few hours. It was a gradual scramble with spectacular snow capped mountains and ocean views.

I am traveling with people who do not sit so after our hike we drove to Seljalandsfoss to check out the waterfall you can walk behind. It had clouded over by our arrival and was even raining but I got to use the GoPro selfie stick, so it was a total win.

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