May 9, 2016

South Iceland: Skaftafelli, Hof, Jökulsárlón & Hofn

We camped for three nights at Skaftafell under the Northern Lights. One of those nights I woke up to a frozen ice tent. It is save to say Iceland is very cold in May. Thank god for down sleeping bags, down jackets and heated bathrooms.

From the camp site we were able to hike up the ridge along the glacier. I can't get enough of the views - in one direction there are mountains and the other is the ocean! 

Luckily my Iceland viking gang had set up a work project that required us to all pile into a eight seater plane and take to the skies. For the next hour we flew around one of the highest mountains in Iceland and above a melting glacier while shooting GoPro and taking photos. The plane widows were open the entire time so I now know what early hypothermia feels like. It took so much energy for me to move my fingers to take off the lens cap.

{ lobster sandwiches at Hafnarbudin }

{ Jokularlon Lagoon }
We eventually needed groceries so we drove past Hof and Jokularlon Lagoon to Hofn for lobster sandwiches at Hafnarbudin and a Bonus stop. The drive was long so we stopped along the way to explore. We arrived at Jokularlon right before sunset. The silence of the icebergs with the sun setting in the background was perfect. 

May 4, 2016

South Iceland: The Road to Vik

Our wifi connection in Iceland was few and far between since we were camping. As much as we loved being disconnected sometimes you just need to post a few Instagram photos. To our surprise the coffee shop at Solheimajokull Glacier had the fastest wifi (and decent sized lattes). Also, this was our first glacier sighting of the trip and it was awesome - these photos don't do it justice. We never ended up going on a glacier walk but we need to leave something for next time.

The DC-3 Plane Wreckage doesn't seem to be in the Lonely Planet (yet) but thanks to Instagram's location map we were able to figure out that the plane crash was on our way to Iceland's most Southern village, Vik. After missing the turnoff first we looped back to park with all the other cars randomly pulled off on the side of the road. We started the 45 minute walk to the ocean in the rain and it just so happen when we arrived we were the only group there.

Vik is the most Southern village in Iceland and a major refueling point before continuing east. After lunch at the gas station we scrambled up the hillside for epic views and then walked the black sand beach before pilling back into our 4x4 and driving on.

May 2, 2016

South Iceland: Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss

South Iceland is about to be the highlight of our trip. There is so much to do along the coast and the drive is beautiful.

First Icelandic word: Foss - waterfall. 


We all crawled out of our tents after a windy, cold and sleepless night excited for our first adventure. Hiking into the mountains past Skogafoss. We followed the stairs up the waterfall and continued on the well marked path for the next few hours. It was a gradual climb and scramble with spectacular snow capped mountains and ocean views.

I am traveling with people who do not sit so after our hike we drove to Seljalandsfoss to check out the waterfall you can walk behind. It had clouded over by our arrival and was even raining but I got to use the GoPro selfie stick, so it was a total win.