June 25, 2015

Vietnam: Nha Trang

I found the Sailing Club through a little bit of research on Nha Trang and instantly wanted to go... kid in a candy shop style. It was pretty, it had great food, and the view was top notch. The only way life could have been better is if I had timed my arrival for one of their beach parties.

I have actually been to Nha Trang in 2008 but it was a quick trip and I honestly don't remember much. But I do remember the snorkel tour through the islands off the coast so that was the first (well, second after Sailing Club) activity on our list. After strolling the main drag and price shopping Laura and I found a dive shop that offers a snorkel tour to Hon Mun Island. The following morning we were picked up from the Sheraton and after a little sitting around for no apparent reason (except that when we got bored we bought hats that turned out to be a lot of fun) we were off cruising through the islands. It was excellent being on the water, I had missed it.

The most entertaining part of the day was lunch. After snorkeling all morning we made our way to a floating dock which had a house and a handful of nets in the water full of fish. We were the only tourists around so you could say we were in our element. After a few beers, rice and a whole fish we had just gotten started. On a little adventure to the bathroom I found a bamboo circle boat and just like that dreams do come true...

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