June 26, 2015

Vietnam: Nha Trang, Mud Baths

Sometimes you just need an excuse to rent a motorbike. The mud baths outside of Nha Trang were just that. 

Before we knew it the Sheraton organized motorbikes for Laura and I to rent. After gassing up (no motorbike in Vietnam comes with gasoline) we followed the waterfront using our Google map screenshots. With only one u-turn we found ourselves driving up to exactly were we wanted to be. 

{ when in doubt, throw up a peace sign }

With our selfie stick in tow we slipped into a mud bath. Turns out mud baths are weird... and hilarious. For about twenty minutes Laura and I slipped around in mud taking self stick photos with all the other mud bathers doing the same thing in the next tubs over. I know what you are thinking - what was the point of the mud? Does it give us ageless skin? Will we be cured of chocolate cravings? We don't know. And after trying to figure out the impossible without wifi we were given the hand signal to leave and the tub was drained. Although sitting upright in the mud bath without sliding into your friend was a challenge enough the real challenge started in the showers. Let me just say... endless mud, endless. 

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