June 20, 2015

Vietnam: Ben Thanh Night Market

Steak and eggs at the Ben Thanh night market brings back a lot of good memories. We celebrated birthdays, farewells and any day of the week with a plate of steak and eggs. We always went to the same restaurant where the waiter knew us and greeted us with "Hi teacha'. The regular?" 

Since it was our first night back in Vietnam we had to celebrate, which called for one meal and one meal only, steak and eggs. We went back to the same restaurant at the night market but it had changed and they no longer served the steak and eggs as we knew it. Whaaaat? Noooooo! The steak and eggs we knew came cooking on a hot iron cow shaped plate. It was crucial to quickly mix the steak and eggs so your egg would cook - a skill that was learned. 

The new steak and eggs of the Ben Thanh night market doesn't compare but the Saigon Green and atmosphere was still the same. After our steak and eggs fail we did a little research and found that there are a few places in HCMC that still serve steak and eggs the right way. 

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