March 15, 2015

Mexico: Todos Santos

After three months of living in Loreto and checking off the bucket list it was time to pack the rental car and say goodbye. I most definitely didn't want to leave the life of weekly spanish classes, beach walks, pool floating and hanging out with my main squeeze, Bailey, but my three months were up. 

Laura and I rented a car through Avis to drive down to Cabo San Lucas with a two night stop in Todos Santos. After plowing through La Paz during a down pour with a quick stop to stock up on car snacks we pulled into Pescadero Surf Camp just outside of Todos Santos. With dark clouds insight we set up our tent and cracked open a beer under the palapa roof pool bar. I love when places surprise you and turn out to be the coolest. Pescadero Surf Camp had great camp sites, a clean pool and an outdoor kitchen. It is a place you visit and never leave. 

{ Havienda Cerritos }
The next day we drove out to the beach next to Havienda Cerritos and played in the waves and watched kids learn to surf. The Pacific Ocean... we had made it! The beach was crawling with tourists catching some sun and vacationing. With Havienda Cerritos over looking the beach we decided we had to see this boutique hotel for ourselves so we drove up and explored (put our two person tent to shame ;)). 

Welcome to the Hotel California, such a love place, such a lovely place. 

To my surprise the Hotel California is in Todos Santos! It is safe to say this song was stuck in our heads all day. 

Todos Santos was full of artist shops, seafood stalls and friendly locals. With only a few small streets we were able to take our time and explore every shop and side alley. I know there is more to Todos Santos then these few blocks and I wish I had the chance to live there and be a local. I already miss it.  

We wrapped up a great day by heading to the beach north of Todos Santos down Mango Road and watching the waves crash against the shore. These were the biggest waves I have ever seen. Laura and I could have sat there all night photographing the light through the waves which gave them this turquoise glow. 

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