March 11, 2015

Mexico: Loreto Blue Whale Watching

Since Laura and I were living the life of the retired we found ourselves at the pool A LOT. Nothing was more relaxing than laying poolside or floating on a floaty under the Mexico sun. We ended up meeting a few people while we were at the pool and before we knew it we were joining our new found retired friends for a day of blue whale watching off the coast of Loreto. It is amazing that these massive mammals are swimming just a few feet from Loreto. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and one of the most fun. When you stop for beers before 10am at Puerto Escondido's marina you know it's going to be a good day. With a Modelo in hand we whale watched all day signing along to oldies and enjoying everything about Baja. For lunch we had Mrs. Baggetts pre-packed sandwiches on the southern tip of Isla Carmen. The southern tip of Isla Carmen is definitely worth a lunch stop, the water is amazing.

Sometimes, you just don't want the day to be over. 

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