February 12, 2015

Mexico: Baja California Sur Road Trip, Part III

{ Kuyima Camp } 

Enough with driving, we needed a boat ride added to our trip itinerary. My mom and I drove the sandy washboard road out to Laguna San Ignacio to camp along the Pacific Ocean at camp Kuyima. Camp Kuyima is a place I never wanted to leave. I felt at home and back to backpacking life within seconds. We set up our tent on crushed seashells and enjoyed the sunset followed by garlic scallops at Kuyima lodge for dinner.

After sleeping under the stars, freezing cold, we woke up early to join a grey whale tour. With only six people in the panga we powered out of the lagoon to find the whales. The grey whales in Baja during the winter months are the same grey whales we see in Canada during the summer months. The whales swim south every year to have their babies in the same lagoons along Baja's west coast.

I had low expectations for the whale tour but to my surprise we saw grey whale after grey whale after grey whale. A few times there were so many whales I couldn't decide where to focus my attention (I know, tough problem to have). A momma whale and baby even came up to the panga so we could have a little whale/human contact. Grey whales feel like a hard marshmallow, that's the best way I can describe it. After having the chance to pet the momma grey whale I was their #1 fan, order me a whale tail necklace and t-shirt and sign me up for a fan club newsletter. I am hooked on these creatures.

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