February 10, 2015

Mexico: Baja California Sur Road Trip, Part II

| Punta Chivato |

When I heard Punta Chivato had a shell beach we were committed to making the extra 1.5 hour drive so I could collect seashells. The drive on the bumpy sand road in our tin can was slow. I think our average speed was 3 mph but we made it without any nicks or dings. After exploring, having lunch and looking at the private planes parked outside of private homes we found the shell beach. It was unlike any beach I have seen with piles and piles of beautiful shells. I filled up my gallon ziplock within seconds. 

| Santa Rosalia |

After our car was loaded down with the beach in the back seat we headed north to Santa Rosalia, a mining town on the Sea of Cortez. Mining seems to be in Santa Rosalia's blood. The copper mines have recently reopened after being closed for generations. Although some might say that the culture of San Rosalia is its mines there is more behind the city then large trucks and black smoke. The architecture of the town center is noticeably unique. The buildings are made out of wood and it just so happends that the wood is from the Pacific Northwest. My mom and I read that the copper was shipped north and instead of the freights returning empty they were filled with wood from Tacoma. How about that?

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