January 30, 2015

Mexico: Mule Ride

On our bike ride to San Javier we passed Rancho Nuevo and organized a three hour mule ride for the following day. When we arrived the mules and donkeys were saddled up and ready to ride. I didn't know much about mules or donkeys before but I am now a huge fan of both, especially donkeys. They are so cute, at least the ones at Rancho Nuevo. 

Mules are immune to prickly bushes and I learned quickly that a mule ride means riding along narrow paths while trying to avoid ripping my pants on these prickly bushes (note to self: wear old jeans instead of ExOfficio lightweight pants). I spent most of the three hour mule ride sitting crisscross on the saddle. More of a core workout than expected. I also preferred to sit crisscross since we had western saddles, which means when my feet were in the stirrups my knees were at an unusual angle.

Sometimes when I am on a long grueling hike with a heavy backpack I dream of a horse showing up and giving me a ride but turns out a mule ride (or horse ride) is also grueling in its own way. Although the mule ride was a great way to see the mountains I am sure glad we only signed up for a three hour ride not a three day ride. My mussels will need a little more practice before I through the saddlebags on and head into the country for an overnight. 

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