December 19, 2014

Mexico: Oaxaca, Part III

{ I love this color }

Besides all the day activities that are available in Oaxaca I loved walking around exploring the small streets, artisan markets and food markets. The food market was the perfect place for dinner and I ended up going to the same food stall all three nights. The waitress was friendly and the chorizo tacos were tasty so I found no reason to mix it up. 

The main road in Oaxaca is pedestrian only which I absolutely loved and there were cathedrals on every block, or at least that's how it felt. 

After my cooking class I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art where I had a thirty minute conversation in Spanish. It was a simple conversation and I did more listening than talking but I still had a conversation in Spanish none-the-less. The museum was impressive along with the views of the pedestrian street. There was a parade that evening, along with every other day I was in Oaxaca, so there was band music playing in the background as I explored the many rooms at the museum. 

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