December 15, 2014

Mexico: Isla Mujeres

{ Morning yoga with this view }

I have missed Isla Mujeres since last year so I made sure to revisit this time around. Hollie and I stayed at PocNa, which is one of the only hostels on the island. The mornings at the hostel started peacefully with free yoga on the beach, however, the nights were a little different. Our dorm room had three solid walls. The forth wall was pretty much chicken wire so the nightly concert on the stage just past the lounge sounded like it was in our room. Surround sound. At least when we went to bed early we didn't miss out on the jam session. We all went to bed laughing at how ridiculously loud it was in the room but with a few pillows over our heads we were our like a light. Talking about going to bed early... when we checked in we received a free drink ticket that could only be used after 11pm. By our fourth and last night we finally made it to 11pm. High fives and free drinks all around! 

Since it was Hollie's first time to the island we rented a golf cart so we could explore and take a break from the three block radius we spent all of our time in. Isla Mujeres is quite long so a golf cart was a convenient way to see the island. You can rent bikes but we can bike at home. We can't golf cart at home. 

The island was busy with lots of tourists coming over for the day from Cancun, lots of tourist staying on the island, lots of souvenir shops and lots of restaurants. When we weren't shopping or eating at food stalls Hollie dove and I lounged on the beach. The beach and turquoise water on Isla Mujeres was absolutely gorgeous. You just want to swim all day. 

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