December 16, 2014

Mexico: Isla Holbox

After a three hour bus ride from Cancun to Chiquila and a 30 minute water taxi we arrived to wind, clouds and Isla Holbox. So much for securing my tan that I started in Isla Mujeres but oh well, it was nice to relax and "do nothing" and Tribu Hostel was the perfect place for that. I mean the hammocks had wi-fi. Life doesn't get much better for a traveler. 

There are hostels in this world that seem to suck people in and Tribu Hostel was one of them (maybe it was the hammocks with wi-fi). It seemed like there were more people living there then passing through. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we weren't sucked in to Tribu Hostel life. After three days the mosquitoes eventually ran us off the island. I have never used so much deet in my life. I swear if I missed one spot they would find it. 

Isla Holbox was completely different then I had expected. The water was not turquoise (I am not sure if it's always like that or just because it was winter. We were there in December) and the island was much larger then I imagined with multiple hotels along the beach. We did get one thing right, life was slow on Isla Holbox and we loved it. Along with the fact that we didn't need to wear shoes on the sandy streets. 

{ Be still Hannah, we are taking a photo } 
Between doing nothing and before the mosquitoes ran us off the island we walked the beach, rented a golf cart (more for entertainment purposes) and hung out with Hannah. The cutest Yorkshire Terrier puppy I ever did see. Also it seems to be a right of passage for expats to own dogs. I have never seen so many dogs on leashes or chihuahuas. 

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