December 13, 2014

Mexico: Cuncun

If you can't tell after these upcoming three weeks in Mexico that I love it, then I'll just tell you now. I love Mexico. And if you don't believe me... I have yet to re-visit a place I have backpacked previously but here I am. Mexico, round two. 

Why I love Mexico:
The country is colorful including their textiles.
They speak Spanish and yo necesito parcticar mi espanol.
There are taco stands on every corner.

I have twenty three days in Mexico and the first ten will be spent with Hollie, my Australian friend who I met last year in Valladolid. We are having a little Mexican reunion. Our reunion began at Hostel Ka'beh, which is conveniently located near the ADO bus station (there is an ADO bus from the airport to Central Cancun, 60 pesos) and a food market with the best cheep tacos. I absolutely loved Hostel Ka'beh this time around, I think because I knew exactly where I was going from the bus station, I was familar with the hostel, and was looking forward to guacamole night. But with that being said I managed to find a new place, Market 28 which was only a few blocks away from Hostel Ka'beh and stuffed full of souvenirs, my weakness. 

Last time I was in Cancun I stayed at the hostel all day since it was raining so this time Hollie and I ventured down to Hotelaria via public bus. The public bus was as easy as could be and took us right where we needed to go. Hotelaria is where you will find the resorts and vacationers of all types. We first went to Playa Delfines which was a bit down but easily accessible (you would understand if you have ever tried to go to the beach near the resorts) and so pretty. The turquoise water, it gets me every time. That night, since we were still full from lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, we drank mango smoothies for dinner. Perfect.  

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