December 10, 2014

Africa: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

| Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe |

Laundry line & laundry soap: On the Intrepid Overland there was not enough time to do laundry at a laundromat so we did our own washing. Minus the fact that I was terrible at hand washing my clothes, it would have been nice to have a laundry line so I could properly hung my clothes to dry.

Wi-fi is more limited than in other continents

Bring U.S. dollars: In Tanzania it is required to pay for safaris in U.S. dollar and country visa fees are paid in U.S. dollar, as well. You basically always needs U.S. dollars. 

An iPad with movies: The Intrepid Overland from Tanzania to Zimbabwe had a few long driving days. An iPad loaded with movies would have made the uncomfortable drives a little more comfortable.

Bug spray: I don't know what I was thinking leaving for Africa without bug spray.

| South Africa |

Baz Bus schedule: The Baz Bus has a very particular schedule which is something to consider when planning a trip to South Africa. 

Bring an adapter: The South African plug is three circles in a shape of a triangle. I assumed I would be able to buy an adapter once I got to South Africa but turns out they don't sell them. All my technology was about to die when all of a sudden a hostel I stayed in Durban sold international adapters. My computer, camera and iPhone were saved! Some hostels do have international outlets.

Renting a car: If I were to travel South Africa again I would travel with another person and rent a car. Renting a car allows so much more freedom but with that said it is also a huge responsibility. With a car rental, a cell phone would be useful in case of trouble and full car insurance.

Travel time: It is do able to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town in three weeks but five weeks would be better.

Cape Town: Five or more days are needed for Cape Town. There is so much to do, you can't get bored.

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