November 4, 2014

Zambia: 46 Hours and $2.44

Turns out there is no way to get to Zimbabwe without going through either Zambia or Mozambique. Since the Mozambique visa is more expensive Intrepid has routed the itinerary through Zambia so Zambia was more of a transit country during the overland. I found this a bit disappointing as we drove through the country and saw only campgrounds. However, in 2015, due to past complaints, Intrepid will be adding a few more days in Zambia since a $50 visa is required and people like to get their monies worth.

From Malawi we entered Zambia by walking through a small metal door along a gate. Not a very glamorous entrance but we made it through another Ebola check. It was at this border I noticed that there is hardly any visual difference between the last three countries. The people dress the same (however, the further south we go the more western dressed the women are), the villages and houses are similar style, the roads continue to be paved and there is always dust. With South East Asia and South America every country has a totally different look and when you cross the border you can tell you are in a new country. So far that doesn't seem to be the case in East or Southern Africa. With that being said, the people of Malawi were the friendliest so far. Esther and I called Malawi the Laos of Africa.

We arrived in the evening at Mama-Rulas Campsite, outside of Chipata, and after a delicious dinner of rice and vegetables, Mike surprised us with chocolate moose for dessert. Since we don't have dessert often it's always a massive treat. I indulged to I felt sick to my stomach. That evening my group duty was flopping (dish dryer) and since I just learned how to play the drums like a pro (just kidding) I taught Maddie a few tunes. Before I knew it we had a pot drumming, spoon flapping band. It was a fantastic way to end the evening.

The following morning before driving to Zimbabwe we woke up to french toast for breakfast. Spoiled in Zambia, that's for sure! Did you know the USA seems to be on the only country (besides Canada) that puts butter and syrup on their french toast? My french toast sparked an international discussion on what people have for breakfast on the weekends.

Total time in Zambia: 46 hours
Total money spent in Zambia: $2.44 (ice cream and coke)

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