November 22, 2014

South Africa: The Crags (also known as Nature's Valley)

A little back story on Wild Spirit. When I first researched South Africa one blog mentioned how he only planned on staying a day or two at Wild Spirit but a few drum circles later he stayed a week. Sounded fantastic and I couldn't wait to get sucked into hostel life. However, once I was in South Africa and started talking to backpackers who had passed through Wild Spirit I second guessed the naked free spirit rain dance party hostel. See the thing about hippies is usually my J. Crew sweater and Sperry top-siders stand out too much for either of us to ever feel comfortable. So when someone said naked free spirit rain dance party I thought for the sake of man kind I better skip the hostel. Long story short after being at a few beach towns I decided I needed to mix it up with Tsitsikamma National Park so I packed away my J. Crew sweaters and embraced Wild Spirit. I mean I had to see this place for myself. At this point it had quite the reputation.

{ The cat who sat in the fresh spring water sink }

Wild Spirit was absolutely fantastic, free spirits and all. I felt like there were magical fairies around every corner and they had farm fresh milk for breakfast (the farm fresh emphasis was a little much for me, can't we just call it milk? but who cares, I am glad they had milk with their complimentary coffee). The view from the deck over the forest was beautiful and when the sun was out it was the best place to be. But don't be fooled by the sun it was the coldest three days of my African life. My Maasai blanket was pulled out from the bottom of my backpack and wrapped around my legs for extra warmth the entire time. 

To warm up one afternoon a German girl from my dorm and I hiked to the Big Tree and to the waterfall which were both easily accessible from Wild Spirit. The waterfall was a little swimming pool oasis. 

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