October 12, 2014

Tanzania: Usambara Mountains, Part II

After trekking 55km to Mtea on day four it was time to make our way back to Lushoto. Hamisi, my mom, and I took a 4:45am bus from Mtea to Lushoto but got off a few kilometers early to hike to Mkuze Waterfall. The bus started in Mtea so luckily we were able to get seats because after a few hours we were jammed in like sardines with dozens of people standing in the aisle. People were practically sitting on my mom. 


The hike up and over the mountains (more like big hills) through villages was gorgeous with the morning light. We arrived at Muller's Mountain Lodge, which was an old German farmhouse set back in the mountains. We were greeted with African coffee and the best orange jam ever.

{ Mkuze Waterfall }
On the hike to Mkuze Waterfall we spotted multiple chameleons, watched alcohol being made from sugarcane and Hamisi swung from jungle vines. We the spent morning sitting by the waterfall before taking a taxi back to Lushoto.  

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