October 25, 2014

Tanzania: Spice Tour and Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar

{ Pepper }

{ Suzzy, my Irish tentmate }
We said goodbye to Stone Town and took a shuttle bus out to the spice farm. While we walked around the farm learning about different spices from our guide, our spice boy would climb trees, pick leaves and spices from various plants so we could smell ginger, pepper, garlic, clove, lemongrass and so on. Turns out pepper is green and only turns black after it has dried in the sun for a few days. I loved learning about how plants are used for other purposes besides flavoring our food - if you rub lemongrass on your skin it helps keep mosquitoes away. After our spice walk we hid under a palm leaf roof while it rained and tasted different spiced teas and ate fresh fruit. The pineapple and mango was the best fruit I have ever had. Our spice tour ended with lunch at a local house sitting on the floor eating rice, sauteed cabbage and a fresh tomato salad.

By one o'clock we were back on the shuttle and headed to the northern beach of Kendwa. We checked into Sunset Bungalows, which was a a major upgrade from Safari Lodge in Stone Town. 

After gearing up Nicole, Jess and I walked down to the beach and were met with white sand and deep turquoise water. It was unreal how beautiful the beach was. For the next day and a half, while Nicole got scuba certified, Jess and I found a beach bed and "chillaxed," as Chris would say. 

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