October 22, 2014

Tanzania: Mtu Wa Mbu Culture Tour

{ Rice fields }

{ Guinea fowl feather }

{ Mtu Wa Mbu mud house }
After returning from the safari game drive with our cameras full of animal photos we had some time to relax at the campground before departing for a culture tour of Mtu Wa Mbu. Six local guides walked us around rice fields, banana plantations and a local village where we, of course, had time to shop for wood carvings and paintings. Although we did learn a little bit about how the locals live and the process for building a house our cultural tour seemed to be more focused on us telling our friends and family back home to visit Mtu Wa Mbu. For those visiting Tanzania and do not plan to trek, a culture tour would be a good option but I prefer to learn about local life by trekking through villages in the Usambara Mountains.

{  After running in the rain } 

After our group of twenty two bought as many paintings as our wallets would allow it started pouring rain. We all ran through banana plantations to dinner, which was prepared by the people of Mtu Wa Mbu village. The dinner was amazing with so much variety, I was very impressed. After dinner, since it was raining the Intrepid truck came to pick us up and to everyone's surprise their laundry was moved into the truck and was hanging everywhere to dry. It was hilarious to drive back to camp while people searched for their clothes. 

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