October 9, 2014

Tanzania: Lushoto

{ Hamici and my mom }
We arrived to Lushoto with a Usambara trekking guide as a fellow passenger in our dala dala. After Hamici negotiated a fair price for our dala dala ride he picked up my mom's suitcase and walked with us to Kakakuona Lodge. Kakauona was up the main road outside the city center and had a nice view of a lush forest from their open air restaurant. The rooms were clean and the wi-fi was terrible (granted we were in the middle of no where). 

That afternoon we booked a four day trek in the Usambara Mountains with The Community Care and Friendship Association (COCAFA) with Hamici as our trekking guide. Hamici was a 25 year old Muslim man who grew up in Lushoto and spent his childhood running around the mountains. Once he graduated from secondary school (high school) he took a trekking guide course. The most exciting news was he was getting married October 9, 2014 - two days after we returned from our trek. 

{ Lushoto } 
{ This little guy and his cabbage hat }

Instead of booking our tour to leave the day after we arrived in Lushoto we took a day to explore the town and rest. We walked down the main road to St. Eugene's Lodge for lunch which was outside the city center about 6km. St. Eugene's was a little oasis outside the small hectic city. We were served bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, homemade cheese and homemade jam for lunch. We sat back in a gazebo style open air room and listened to the kids play at the school down the hill. On our way back to Lushoto we met two French Canadian women and spent the evening at Lawn Hotel sipping Tusker and telling travel stories. 

{ Irente View Point }

{ Jacaranda trees in purple }
After returning from our trek Hamici arranged for us to visit Irente View Point by taxi (6km outside of town). The view over the valley was beautiful even though it was cloudy and hazy. Personally, I was more in love with the jacaranda trees over Lushoto as we drove up the mountain. That night we had dinner at Highland Park Hotel which was a short walk up the street from Kakauona. The vegetable masala with chapati was the tasty meal my mom and I have had, we seriously struggled with decent meals in Lushoto. It was a shame we only ate there once.

My small Swahili Dictionary: 

Jambo - Hello

Mzungu - white person

Ndizi - banana
Parachichi - avocado 

Akunamatat - no problem

Karibu - welcome
Asante - thank you

Pole pole - slow

Mombo - How are you?
Poa - I am ok

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