October 19, 2014

Tanzania: Arusha National Park & Arusha, Part II

With nothing to really see in Arusha my mom and I taxied out to Arusha National Park for a walking safari. After paying another park entrance fee we were partnered up with Saidy, a park ranger, and his riffle.

Mt. Meru over looked us during our four hour walk through plains with buffalo and forests with stinging needles and monkeys. During our walking safari Saidy taught us about local plants, we looked for giraffes, birds, Mt. Kilimanjaro and scared a warthog. Although we were not able to get as close to the giraffes on the walking safari being able to see giraffes living naturally with no Land Cruiser 4 x 4 truck around was amazing. Just us and the giraffes.

{ Tingatinga }
On my last full day in Arusha we shopped for beaded jewelry at Maasai Market and found ourselves learning about Tingatinga from a local painter. Tingatinga is a style of painting Edward Said Tingatinga started many years ago and after his death the style lived on in Tanzania. The cartoon animals have grown on me the longer I have traveled Tanzania and I am now obsessed.

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