October 27, 2014

Sip & Savor: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Africa House, Stone Town
Africa House is the place to watch the sunset, says the guide books. However, I preferred to sit on the waters edge at the park below Africa House. Just before sunset there was so much happening there, it's where the locals gather and play soccer, swim or beef up their muscles by doing pull ups on the tree limbs. After sunset when the park cleared out we would make our way to Africa House for a cocktail. The Zanzibar Sling was a perfect after sunset sip.

Green Garden Restaurant, Stone Town
If you are staying at Flamingo Guest House then Green Garden is just around the corner, if you aren't good luck trying to find this open air restaurant in the small streets of Stone Town. If you can find it their food is affordable and the Green Garden juice was so tasty I wanted two. 

Lazuli Cafe, Stone Town
Another hidden gem hard to find after the sun sets is Lzauli Cafe but it is a block away from the post office and next to Stone Town Cafe, so start there. A small white building with only a few tables serves tasty fresh food and has a perfect island atmosphere. Their vegetable wrap was one for the books and the lime and mint juice was uhhhhmazing. 

Abyssinian Maritim Ethiopian Traditional Restaurant, Stone Town
I have not been to Ethiopia, yet, but I assume Abyssinian Maritim accurately represented the food culture. With a straw basket on our table the waiter lifted the lid and placed a tray of injera and then poured our individual meals onto it. After washing our hands with warm water brought to the table we ate with our hands. One of the best meals I have had in Tanzania.

Zanzibar Pizza, Stone Town
Whether you want a light dinner, snack or dessert Zanzibar pizza is not to be missed. Personally my favorite stall was on the corner near Flamingo Guest House but they also have plenty of stalls at the night market. Zanzibar Pizza isn't pizza as we know it - it's eggs, a tortilla with meet and vegetables cooked. There is also the dessert option with nutella and banana, which was my personal favorite. 

Fisherman's Local Restaurant, Kendwa Beach
Most of the restaurant at Kendwa are on the beach except for one palm leaf roof room on the back street, Fisherman's Local Restaurant. The budget friendly menu had fish, burgers, pizza, sandwiches and Indian food to name a few categories. Although my margarita (aka cheese) pizza was delicious we had to wait over an hour for our food, so make sure to not be in a hurry.

Beers of East Africa


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