September 30, 2014

Tanzania: Six Continents Down, One To Go

{ Dubai International Airport }
As my mom and I boarded the Air Emirates flight to Dubai we gazed up the staircase to first class where you could see a water feature and a purple orchid. We then found our regular seats. Even though we didn't have a bed waiting for us, our seats had plenty of leg room. With that, I think a first class upgrade for my sixteen hour return flight from Cape Town to Dallas would be worth every penny.

As we found our seats 55 H and J, I noticed flight attendants were generously scattered around the plane to assist. Before we even took off we were able to start watching movies from their large movie selection and once we took off bassinets were set up for crying babies and warm lemon scented hand towels were passed out. I was already hooked to American Hustle when our dinner menu was delivered. Dinner included an appetizer, a main dish, desert, tea and coffee and wine or any hard alcohol of your choice.

Airplane food might be a dying art but not for Air Emirates. I could have had the lamb with gravy & potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally, I have always loved plane food. Remember when dinner was served on a domestic flight? Oh, those were the days.

When we landed in Dubai I was already looking forward to our next Air Emirates flight. I was wondering what was going to be served for lunch on our flight to Tanzania before I even had my airport breakfast. The Other Women and a few naps later we descended into Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

I am not one to count the number of countries I have traveled to but landing in Africa made me scream... six continents down, one to go!

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