September 17, 2014

Scotland: Edinburgh, Part I

Kim and I arrived by train from Glasgow, which was much shorter then I thought it would be. I barely had time to realize the train had wi-fi and log on before the conductor was making announcements for Edinburgh. Since my sister is pretty much a local ;) we easily made our way from the train station by bus to her flat. We arrived on a foggy rainy evening so instead of touring around I unpacked at her flat before we met Ian for dinner. 

{ The Meadows }

{ University of Edinburgh }

{ The Elephant House }
On my first full day in Edinburgh we luckily woke up to sun! We picked up muesli and yogurt for breakfast from the local grocery store, Waitrose, and strolled along The Meadows to University of Edinburgh. Pretending we were both college uni students we explored campus while Kim pointed everything out from her last year (Kim went to University of Edinburgh for her masters, it's a one year program). Kim's city walking tour continued to The Elephant House known as the "birthplace of Harry Potter." JK Rowling, back when she wasn't a billionaire, use to sip on one cup of coffee for hours and write her world famous books at this coffee shop. For those fans of elephants but not necessarily HP The Elephant House did not disappoint. There were elephants tastefully displayed every direction. There were even elephant shaped cookies among the cakes. Cake, I am quickly realizing this is as common to order as a Starbucks coffee in Seattle. I could get use to this. 

{ Victoria Street }
{ Victoria Street }
{ tartan kilts, pick your favorite}
{ view from the Edinburgh Castle } 
{ really really enjoying all the tartan here }
{ Princes Street }
Up next were three famous streets, Victoria Street, Royal Mile and Princes Street. Victoria Street was as stunning as I hoped it would be. The street curves down a small hill, which, for some reason makes it extra picturesque.  After stopping to shop for tartan scarves we climbed the staircase to visit the castle and the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile was filled with every tourist in Edinburgh and because of this I loved Victoria Street even more, quite and quaint. From the Royal Mile we went down The Mound to Princes Street for an afternoon of shopping and running errands.

{ Stockbridge }
We ended our walking tour with a stroll through my future neighborhood Stockbridge (just kidding but a girl can dream) . This one street in particular in Stockbridge is breathtaking, I never wanted to leave. 

After picking out my house in Stockbridge we met Ian and went to Kim's friends house for homemade pizza and wine. 

Edinburgh day one, well played. 


  1. Holly- I'm loving reading about your adventure so far! Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks! Scotland has been very impressive. We are having a fantastic time exploring. Also, can't wait for baby Weinberger to be born :)

  2. Holly: What's your take on the outcome of tomorrow's election?

    1. It has been very exciting to be here this week. There are news reporters on every block as we gear up for tomorrow, big day. I am sure Friday will be very exciting.