November 18, 2009

Until Next Time, Vietnam

I had my last two days in Vietnam and said goodbye to places I have called home. I rushed around the city closing bank accounts (I have never had so many bank accounts in one city like I did in Ho Chi), changing Vietnam Dong to Australian Dollar and sending another box home. You really do accumulate a lot of stuff after 14 months of living somewhere.

I can't believe that I am leaving Asia but Vietnam won't forget me. When I got to the airport and stepped up to the immigration desk the immigration officer looked at me and said "Holly?" Before I could speak he opened my passport to confirm that he was correct. He smiled with success. It took me a while to figure out how the immigration officer recognized me, not my student, not my neighbor... and then it clicked, he was the same officer who checked my passport when I left to travel over seven weeks ago. We both laughed and continued our conversation about his English and, again, held up the line and chatted. I told him I was off to Australia and answered his questions with "no, I am not coming back." My answer affected me more then him. I am really leaving.

You know you have been to the airport too often when immigration starts to recognize you.

| Vietnam Photo Roundup |

{ Zach and I after school }
{ Czech Beer Garden }
{ Having a tie made for my dad }
{ Sitting street side sipping beers with my roommates and trying on helmets }
{ Celebrating Kate's birthday }
{ Celebrating Zach's birthday }
{ Honda wave and street side hangouts }

For my last night in Ho Chi Minh City we all gathered at Steak and Eggs in Beh Thanh Market. Is there anywhere else?

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