September 15, 2011

USVI: Getting Out & Exploring

I started work last Wednesday and for the following three weeks I will be training. On my days off I am making the effort to explore the islands. My first island adventure: ferrying over to St. John.

There is a ferry that leaves from Red Hook every thirty minutes that take you over to Cruz Bay, downtown St. John. It is so easy, I think this might become a regular adventure. I walked around the little town at Cruz Bay for the afternoon. I was excited to explore more then my condo complex and the Marriott. St. John is way less touristy then St. Thomas. Has the island vibe that everyone is looking for. There is a lot you can do on St. John but I have to save those adventures for later!

{ Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI }
To continue on with my days off and my attempt to explore I taxied over to Sapphire Beach on Saturday, which is on the east end of the islands. White sand and turquoise water! It was amazing, I only had to watch out for the iguanas lurking around. I was eventually rained out which was fine since I needed some shade time.

{ Sapphire Beach }

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