February 18, 2010

Australia: Laura Came to Sydney

Laura flew down from Ho Chi to visit Sydney!

1. Ashley and I met Laura and went straight to happy hour (Laura arriving in Sydney from Vietnam was massive culture shock. Welcome to the Western world. There is plenty of everything).

{ Right off the plane to happy hour }
2. Laura and I spent Valentines day with Pure Blonde and beer pong in the kitchen.

{ Sunday Session as they call it in Australia }
3. We went to Ice Bar Sydney at Circular Quay to have drinks out of ice glasses (Ashley bartended here). Outfit required: Ugg boats, gloves, and jackets:

{ Ice Bar Sydney }
{ We can't forget our roots- Asian style }
4. Thanks to Ashley and her Ice Bar Sydney connections we took a Jet Boat tour of Sydney Harbour:
{ Totally soaked and voiceless from screaming... Yeehaw! }
5. On Laura's last night in Sydney we wined and dined at the Sydney Opera House:

{  Happy hour at the Opera House }
{ Seattle living in Sydney }

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