December 4, 2009

Australia: Getting a Tan in December

Starting a new life in Sydney, after living in Vietnam, has been exhausting. Learning to navigate my way around on the bus, making new friends, and finding a job has been exhausting. My experience in Australia has been up and down since I have arrived.

A few updates:

1. The job search has been slow and unmotivating, but like I was told by Terri, you only need one.

2. Now that I have been abroad for over a year I am starting to miss the cold and snow. I wish I could ski instead of snorkel... but then again I can't complain because I am getting a tan.

3. Yes, it is true we speak the same language but then again they speak Australian and I speak American. In person it is not a problem but on the phone- dear help me god.

{ Polo match - we had the lawn seats }
{ Bondi Beach }
{ Ashley and I in Bondi }

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