October 29, 2008

Cambodia: Laughing Cambodia

The day after Angkor Wat we went out to a floating village, it was such a great experience and one that I would have never been able to organize on my own. We had the chance to paddle around flooded 30 foot trees (so they were only about 10 feet tall from our view), have lunch with a local family and learn about their lifestyle. After the village we went to an orphanage. The children were so welcoming. They did some traditional dance performances for us which included a Monkey Dance where the children literally danced like monkeys.

{ At the floating village } 

The following day we drove to a small town called Kampong Cham where we spent the night. We ate lunch with our guide's friend at his house on stilts. Our guide's friend, the head of the house, brought out a live taranchala for us to all hold (it was very light).  For dessert, we had cooked taranchala. Salty.


That afternoon a couple of us took a ferry across the Mekong River to a small island were we biked around the village. It was great because the children (and there are a lot of them, 50% of Cambodia is under 18) run out to the road yelling "Hello, hello!" They have some much spirit and laughter. We took the ferry back to the main land in the evening and happen to catch a gorgeous sunset.


That night for dinner we went out for Cambodian BBQ, which is just portable stove top.

{ Cambodian BBQ }
The following night we left Kampong Cham to head to Chambok, our home stay. We slept in a traditional Cambodia house (a one roomed house on stilts) on floor mats with mosquito nets protecting us. In the morning we had a traditional Cambodian breakfast, rice porridge.

Today we arrived in Sihanoukville which is on the coast of Cambodia so the next couple of days are just for lounging in the sun.

{ Sihanoukville }

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