November 13, 2008

Vietnam: In the Middle, Hue

{ Half way point between North and South Vietnam }
The best part about our time in Hue was the motorbike ride out in the country. All eight of us (number of people on the Intrepid Tour) each got our own motorbike and driver - what a gang we were. After the day on the bikes I can totally understand why people always ride in a group. You just feel so much cooler starting up the bikes all at the same time. The motorbike tour first took us to a local market where they sold everything from brooms to chicken blood, as I am sure you can guess neither attracted my attention but what did catch my eye were the baskets and baskets of baby chicks. They were wood baskets with dozens and dozens of chicks in them and I got to hold one! I might have the bird flu but it was a total highlight of my time here in Vietnam.

After the market we headed off to a monastery where we were served lunch by nuns. It was a unique and different experience. We, of course, had Vietnamese which for now I am totally over unless it is Pho.

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