October 15, 2010

Ecuador: We have Landed

{ La Basilica }
Laura and I landed Tuesday night and we were picked up at the airport by Clemencia´s sister (Laura´s family friend). Clemencia´s house was wonderful, however, we learned quickly that without Clemencia around being so far out of town was not all that it was cracked up to be. Our second night we spent the evening at Clemencia´s (evening started at 6pm) watching the Blind Side and thinking about dinner, which we never had.

Quito has such a picturesque landscape. The mountains come right to the city and city grows up the mountains. It is beautiful!

{ The street near Clemencia's house }
{ This city is gorgeous }
On our third day we moved to a hostel in Old Town, The Secret Garden. They serve dinner every night and everyone from the hostel gathers in the common area for a family style meal. The views of the city at night on the roof are amazing. Our dorm mates consist of two Swedish guys, an Australian, another American, a Frenchman and a random guy who no one has talked to but his alarm clock goes off for about ten times every morning- so he has made himself known. Last night one of the Swedish guys, Wiktor, rolled off his top bunk in the middle of the night and hit the wooden floor hard - from now I be requesting the bottom bunk.

{ hostel life }
Food: I would not say Ecuador is famous for food, as the first couple days we couldn't find anything except for gross looking hamburgers with way to much mayo.

P.S. Everything that goes wrong we blame on the altitude.

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