November 9, 2008

Vietnam: Nha Trang, Rock and Roll Tank

From Saigon to Nha Trang we took the nicest train, with soft sheets, flat screens, and bottled water waiting for you bedside. We arrived in the morning and headed to a huge white Buddha that sat above the tree line so you could see it from almost all points in Nha Trang. Then we stoped off and saw some old ruins that were similar in style to Angkor Wat. In the afternoon we went to spa of mud baths and mineral water. It was glorious.

The following day we hired a boat and went out to Nha Trang bay. We stopped off at an island with a fishing village where the hand make fishing nets.


I was wearing a black tank top that said Rock and Roll on it in neon and this older women just loved it.


After the village we headed off to a small bay where we snorkeled, swam and had lunch. It was great fun jumping off the roof of the boat into the blue water. Following lunch was another stop at a beach were we had "lazy" (as it is called). The day was filled with sun and fruit.

That night we took another over night train up to Hoi An. The train was gross! My bed sheets looked like someone had a hair cut before they got off.

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