December 29, 2009

2009: I will never forget

2009 has come to an end and some people say that 2010 is going to be better but I don't find myself  jumping to agree. 2009 was a year I will never forget and may never have again...

I drove a motorbike in the worlds worst traffic.

I learned how to speak (a little) Vietnamese, however, no one is calling me fluent.

I was on the news in Ho Chi Minh City teaching villages English travel words.

I bused across Cambodia not only once but twice in a week.

I lived in the jungles of Laos.

I was in Asian High School's poster ad.

I partied with models in Hong Kong.

I ate kangaroo, alligator, pigeon and goat all in one restaurant.

I compared teaching English in Vietnam to the life of a hooker.

I will have a scar on my left foot  because I was hit by a car/motorbike accident.

I will have a scar on my right calf because I was burned by a motorbike exhaust pipe.

I had the fine opportunity to witness a drunk Filipino man pee all over the bus.

I was part of the paparazzi while geisha spotting in Kyoto.

I dressed up as a geisha and not for Halloween.

I saw real live Harajuku girls.

I held baby sea turtles.

I went to Sri Lanka which is probably the most random place for me to end up but the best place in Asia.

I some how ended up in Sydney after it all...

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