May 26, 2009

I saw it on a (motor)bike

There is nothing too small, too big, too gross, too abnormal or too furry that can't be found on a (motor)bike

1. A queen sized wooden bed frame
2. 25 dead roosters
3. Asia's largest pig
4. Goldfish for sale
5. Puppy pet store
6. Another motorbike
7. A bicycle
8. Fruit of all shapes and sizes for sale
9. 4 helmetless high school girls
10. A ten foot metal pole
11. Dinner, again, all shapes and sizes for sale
12. 2 people and an extra large suitcase (off to the airport)
13. A wedding cake
14. A Vietnamese flower stand (hard to explain)
15. 10 ft x 10 ft painting of a waterfall
16. 7, 5 gallon water jugs
17. potted flowers and plants

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