January 9, 2009

Vietnam: "Where are you trying to go!"

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1. Straws - everything here is severed with a straw (soda pop, bottled water, coffee). I seriously am going to forget how to drink out of a glass when I move to Australia.

2. Stop lights - don't mean anything. But through all the chaos it seems to work. Along with that there is no concept of stopping at a red light before turning right. You just continue right on through and merge with the rest of the traffic.

3. Everyday sightings - rats and cockroaches (I had two in my room last week, cockroaches not rats).

4. Honking - Everyone honks here all day long and for any reason. Beep beep, behind you. Beep beep, I can see you next to me. Beep beep, it's Friday. Or when you are stuck in the thickest traffic and no one is moving there will be a car behind you honking and all you are thinking/ screaming in your head is “WHERE ARE YOU TRYING TO GO!”

5. Helmets - The helmet law started around 2008 and the only people that are required to wear them are adults. Not children. So there are babies riding around this city on motorbikes with no helmets. It is rumored that helmets will stop brain development and growth.

6. Becoming friends with the owners of the local food stalls is always in your best interest so that when you walk up they already know what you want and how you like it. Can’t beat that.

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