January 5, 2009

Vietnam: Saigon Update

Happy New Year- 2009!

Currently I am working at an English language school a couple times a week and will soon be working at another language school and  public school during the day. I am slowly getting things pulled together but for now I  have a lot of free time.

Right now I have a class of young kids on Saturday and Sunday mornings and it is painful- so noisy, so early. I came over here with the intentions of teaching kids but that sure has turned around. Young adults (college students) are so much more interesting and less out of control.

{ Zach, me and my motorbike }
I have now become more mobil here. A couple days ago when I was on the back of a motorbike taxi it hit me, I am tired of taking taxis around the city and having to explain everyday to a person who does not speak English where I live. So I did something about it. I am now renting a motorbike. It is great and the traffic is not so scary once you are driving.

{ Our new roommate, Ashley }
Last week another English teacher, Ashley from Colorado, moved into our fifth bedroom so it has been fun having her around.

Photos from around Saigon:

{ SE Asia Cup-- Vietnam beat Thailand }
{ Playing music in the park with Zach }
{ Vietnamese papaya salad }

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