October 17, 2013

Guatemala: It Comes to an End

My mindset going into my month long backpacking trip was to make sure I had a lot of books since I thought I would meet no one and would have lots of time to fill my days with Mindy Kialing's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? or spend my time learning about female prison life with Orange is the New Black. Have I never backpacked before? The least of my worries should have been meeting people. I met a couple from Seattle within five minutes of stepping off the plane in Cancun. Those books never left the top pocket of my backpack, I just kept lugging them around.

After having backpacked for multiple months at a time I found a month to be perfect. I was excited about making the most out of every day and didn't become one of those people who just laid around the hostel (no judgment, I have been there). I was so lucky to have met Hollie and to have traveled Belize with Taylor and Zoe. I found this new love for Mexico and I think I will spend my days dreaming about the beaches of Isla Mujeras and one day exploring Oaxaca.

Goodbye Central America, Hello USA.

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