October 11, 2013

Guatemala: San Pedro on Lake Atitlan

{ Antigua, Guatemala }
Another long and terrifying shuttle ride. This transportation in Guatemala is really starting to take it out of me. Once we arrived in Antigua from Lanquin I hopped out of the shuttle faster then you could blink. We ended up staying the night at Yellow House in Antigua as I couldn't bare the idea of another four hours while I death gripped the seat in front of me. I needed a break.

{ ^^ Not another road block! #howifeelaboutroadblocks ^^ }
From Antigua to San Pedro we hit another road block, I think Hollie and I attract these. Naturally our shuttle became quick friends as Hollie and I reminisced about our last road block day. Luckily with a little back tracking (driving up the road to oncoming traffic) we were able to take small country roads until we were back on the highway and past the road block. The country roads with our shuttle and chicken buses made for an eventful hour in the Guatemala country side.

{ San Pedro }
After checking out what felt like every hostel in San Pedro a few us from our shuttle (two Canadians, an Israeli and an Englishman) ended up at ZooLa Hostel. Hollie's friend, Ashlee and her friend Claudia, (who are teaching English in a small town outside of Guatemala City) also met us for a weekend on the lake.

{ Morning paddle on Lake Atitlan }


{ Rosa's mom makes the best banana bread }
San Pedro is full of backpackers and internationals taking Spanish class. The first night we found ourselves at a small pub for a pub quiz, which was by far the best pub quiz in the history of pub quizzes. The next morning we all went kayaking on Lake Atitlan and spent the afternoon shopping, finding an ATM that worked for me (with no success), and exploring the small streets of San Pedro.

{ I spent all morning taming my horse for the victory, no hands }

The following day Hollie, Ashlee, Claudia and I went horseback riding through the countryside and along the edge of the lake. Horseback riding is usually the cheapest activity you can do so naturally I have gone horseback riding a lot while traveling. Besides not being able to sit for the next twenty four hours I usually have a blast as my horse tries to gallop and I try to stop it from moving. After making it back to town on my galloping horse we took a water taxi over to the largest town on the lake, Panajachel. They have a huge market so I was on a search for a pair of backpacking pants I had seen previously. With no success we had lunch at a little local restaurant while Hollie got a Rasta themed hair wrap.

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