October 10, 2013

Guatemala: Rat Attack

After eating pizza from Zephry's kitchen (yum!) Hollie and I headed up to our dorm room early. Hollie talked to her mom and recapped our last few days, which for me was hilarious. That Aussie vocabulary gets me every time. I, on the other hand, squished ants, chased cockroaches and stuffed holes with towels so rodents won't get in. After I had accomplished all of that I laid down. All of sudden Hollies eyes got huge as a rat (or really large mouse, Hollie and I are in debate over this) scurried across the floor; so much for stuffing those holes. In my fear I jumped on Hollie and then ran down to the hostel owner and made him come up to our room. I am not sure what the point of this was, it's not like he was going to trap it with his bare hands. After searching for the rat he offered us a new room. I forced Hollie to move with me. The new room had no morning view but at least I was able to sleep rat free. This was my first hostel rat sighting and hopfully the last!

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