October 21, 2010

Ecuador: Montañita, the hippies

{ natures heart }
Montañita started off great but then we realized it is just a town of dirty foreign hippies. They were not just hippies... extreme hippies. Laura and I working on a the definition of "hippy."

Laura and I spent five days at Tiki Limbo Surf Hostel. Our private room was fantastic, maybe our standards are lowering but it felt like luxury. On our second day we met Sarah (Ireland) and we spent the next couple of days bumming around and doing nothing, our "inner backpacker."

Everything was going smoothly until our second to last night I got a stomach bug (we think from the glass water I had at dinner) that knocked the life out of me for about 24 hours. I slept all night, all day and all night. It was awful and was loathing the 24/7 party scene outside our window. By the fifth day nothing was going to stop us from leaving. Still sick we said our goodbyes to Sarah and took a bus to Guayaquil and then on to Cuenca. This was our first bus ride with other backpackers (except for the Swedes). Previously we had been the only foreigners on all of our buses.

{ Montanita hippies selling their stuff }
{ On the beach of Montanita, you can't tell but it is sunny }

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