November 4, 2010

Peru: Cusco, Our Duo Has Become a Trio

Halloween was our first night working at Loki. We dressed up as Tom Cruise from Risky Business and washed cups for 6.5 hours. We had yet to be trained to do bar work and they needed extra help, which meant bussing tables and washing dishes. After three years of college without a dishwasher I am pretty sure on this Halloween night alone I washed more dishes- my nails were very clean though. It was a busy night for us.

After Halloween Laura, Alyssa and I moved into the staff dorm (right now, however this changes regularly, the staff dorm consists of four Americans, three Brits, a guy from Israel, a Peruvian and a French Canadian). Alyssa is from Denver- our duo has quickly become a trio.

{ Cusco trio, San Blas view point }
Our first "real" shift wasn't until Wednesday night so the three of us spent the next couple of days exploring Cusco- market shopping, seeing the famous 12 point stone and eating at some delicious restaurants. Cusco is a great old city with small cobble stone streets and old Inca stone walls. It is also the perfect size, we are able to walk everywhere which also means we are constantly winded. The altitude definitely puts a spin on what activities we look forward to doing. We always feel out of breath, even climbing up the ladder to my top bunk sometimes takes it out of me.

On Wednesday morning we ventured out of Cusco, with other Loki staff, and went horseback riding in the country. For the next several days it was hard to sit on the bar stools, however, totally worth it because the scenery was beautiful.

Wednesday night we served drinks and took dinner orders. We work four shifts a week and in return we get a free bed, a free meal and 40% off our tab. As of now we plan on working at Loki for a month, however, the minimum is two weeks. We will see how long this bar job lasts.
{ lounging in the courtyard hammocks }

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