December 16, 2010

Chile: Hidrospeed

Hidrospeeding is the most dangerous/scariest thing I have ever done. With that said, I felt kind of safe some of the time because our guide was very strict on safety and following behind him in a line. Hidrospeeding is basically going down a class 3+ river on a bogey board. You are personally in the rapid so it´s a huge adrenaline rush. Every time you would hit a huge wave it would knock the wind out of you but you had to recover quickly because there was another wave coming fast. Also the whole time down the river my mind was thinking about my shoulder which I felt could have dislocated at any time. On the mother of all rapids I had to take one for my shoulder and get in the safety raft. I love river rafting. Hidrospeeding was exciting, but I never need to do it again.

Here is the youtube link -

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