September 29, 2008

Thailand: What's for dinner? Rice and Cabbage

I have been at the orphanage in Chiang Rai for a week now and it has been quite the experience. We are required to do fundraising online at a local internet café which is completely unorganized and we have no idea what we are doing. Emailing Crest toothpaste and hope they respond to a random email from Thailand asking for donations... ya right. I have bailed on this and watch Gossip Girl instead. A much better use of my time.

Anyways, I currently live off of cornflakes and peanut butter sandwiches because the food at the orphanage is rice and something green (cabbage or water vegetables) for every single meal and it's gross. It might not sound that bad to you but you just had eggs for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and a steak for dinner... so do not judge me because I have bailed on the orphanage food. The thought of having another bite of soggy cabbage makes me want to run away. In addition to the food situation, I have been sleeping on a bunk bed and not the kind that pops into your mind. My bunk bed is- 1. so squeaky it sounds like someone is killing a family of mice 2. at any moment it might go crashing down on Antonia (from Australia) 3. if I even move a leg in the middle of the night it feels like an earthquake and 4. my bed is a piece of wood with a thin foam pad and then some fake sticky leather covering it.

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