October 23, 2008

Thailand: Phuket to BKK and Tiger Temples

| Phuket |

Sunday night we left Khao Lak and our resort hotel where Antonia and I were the only guests. We took an overnight bus to Bangkok which was quite the experience. Our first conversation on the bus was right after I used the bus toilet and it went a little something like this (and let me remind you we were on a VIP bus):

Me: "So the toilet is a really gross and bit scary. I would recommend holding it for the next 12 hours." (note: with the amount of water we drink here holding it for 12 hours is a completely absurd idea)
Antonia: "Oh no, if you think it's bad I am going to think it is awful."
Me: "Hmm... a plane ticket to Bangkok is only $30 more."
Antonia and Me (at the same time): "Great, so because we wanted to save $30 we now can't use the bathroom for the next 12 hours and never ever think of drinking that bottle of water that they just gave us."

Anyways, the bus ride was interesting. However, when I was on the bus listening to Bob Marley on my iPod I realized (not that I haven't realized it before it just hit me harder this time) that I am so lucky to be here and I have had some of the most amazing experiences so far. It was a great feeling! But then we got to Bangkok at 5am and a bit of that feeling slipped away as we arrived at the bus station in a complete sleepy confusion and realization that we did not have the address to our hostel. Good morning 5am.

| Bangkok |

I got to pet a tiger! Antonia and I joined a tour which included a floating market, a tiger temple and the bridge over the River Kwai. On our tour we met Abigail who is from England so the three us spent the day together. It was great. The tiger temple was pretty cool- a little to structured for my liking but still great. First we went to see the big tigers where you got to pet them while one of the staff members took photos. The tigers were huge and their fur was a bit more ruff then I was expecting. After the big tigers we went to hangout with the babies cubs.

I had read about the floating markets before arriving and was thrilled to actually see one. It truly is amazing and so different then anything I am familiar with.

{ The bridge over the River Kwai }

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