February 9, 2011

Chile: With a capital R, Ritoque

{ Ritoque Raices Youth Hostel }
{ Laura and I walked out to the point for a view back at the beach }
Now we hit the beach... Ritoque for our last week. Ritoque is unlike any place I have ever been. It is a beach with two restaurants and a hostel. There are no supermarkets, Internet cafes or even a tv in the living room of the hostel. It is a place to read, lay in the sun, eat ceviche and relax.

Turns out after five days of no internet and no town to waste away the evenings in, a hostel with only 14 guests can get a little boring. We played a lot of games. Game #1- I would hum along to a song I was listening to on my headphones and Laura would try and guess it. Game #2- Laura would read The Poisonwood Bible, out loud. After day three we were saved by a few very awesome guests. A couple from Canada and a couple from England... by far the best people we have met on our trip so far. Ritoque Ritoque!

{ hitching a ride into the "city" }

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