March 20, 2012

US Virgin Islands Backpacker Guide: Eat and Drink

 Below are a few of my favorite places from when I lived on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. 
St. Thomas, eat:
Island Time Pizza (ITP) - outdoors with a view of the harbor, a local favorite
Fish Tails -  best breakfast on island, in my opinion

Bolongo Bay:
Iggies Beach Bar & Grill -  right on the beach with live music occasionally
Gourmet Gallery - sandwich shop across the street from the harbor 

St. Thomas, drink:
Duffy's Love Shack - is pretty much an island must, I mean it's a bar in a parking lot. Ladies night on Wednesday
XO Bistro - across from Duffy's. They make a great Firefly with lemonade
Fat Turtle - Friday night
Hubble Bubbly - Friday night
Mojo's  - more of an afternoon stop but you get to drink on the swings in a parking lot

St John, eat and drink:
Woody's - a St. John must in Cruz Bay
Skinny Legs Bar and Grill - for the t-shirt
The Tourist Trap - if you have a car this is a fun stop for lunch

Tap Room - Virgin Island beers in Cruz Bay

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