October 20, 2011

USVI: A little work, a little vacation

I am fully settled into life on St. Thomas - work, vacation, eat, sleep, repeat.

In a very short period of time I have learned everything there is to know about USVI - where to eat, how to get around, how to island hop and what to do there. Working at a hotel requires you to know everything, even predicting tomorrows weather.

{ Adventure Center }
The other day Kerri and I joined a kayak tour of Magen's Bay. The most famous beach on St. Thomas and it was perfect.

{ Magen's Bay. Way over to the right is a nude beach, fyi. }

Nate, Kerri and I have become a trio. Nate works at the kayak rental shop on the beach at The Cove, Marriott so we have been there a lot as well as the infinity pool since it's amazing.

{ Infinity pool with Kerri }

If we aren't at work we drive around in jeeps, take the water taxi from the Marriott to downtown, learn how to scuba dive and swim at the beach. Life is good.

{ Always riding in Jeeps }
{ First time scuba diving }
{ Lunch at Gourmet Gallery }
{ Downtown Charlotte Amalie }
{ Cruise ships in at Charlotte Amalie (a-mall-yee-ya) }

October 7, 2011

USVI to Puerto Rico

St. Thomas to Puerto Rico in 30 minuets on Cape Air! I am off to Lexington, Kentucky for a few days to celebrate my grandmas 90th birthday but first a night in Puerto Rico. I wanted to wander the streets of Old San Juan again and stop at my favorite shop to pick up some more rope soled shoes and swing by the Ralph Lauren outlet.

I stayed at the San Juan International Hostel and it was truly great. The rooms were small but not many guests where staying there at the time so I was able to hog the fan AND the internet worked in the dorm rooms, which I have learned is not always the case with hostels. All the guests were welcoming and had fascinating stories about their travels, we became a quick bunch of friends.