October 27, 2010

Peru: Loki love´s you, Mancora

{ Loki Mancora }
Loki Mancora was our first Loki hostel experience. Loki's are a chain hostel that were started by backpackers in Peru and are spreading to Bolivia (update: there is now a Loki in Salta, Argentina). Loki's seem to have everything a backpacker needs - great food, Loki t shirts, hot water, comfortable beds and fun activities. 

Lonely Planet described Loki: "If you haven't heard of it you probably shouldn't stay there."

We walked into Loki at 6am through this grand entrance and down a sandy path to come across what looks like a resort - a pool, a bar, and a tall very long white building (the rooms). It was amazing! I could not believe we were in a hostel. We stayed at the beach town of Mancora (2.5 hours south of the Ecuador/ Peru boarder crossing) for two days enjoying the sun, meeting people, getting a hair wrap and eating at a very good restaurant down the beach. We had a 20 hour bus ride to Lima to prepare for. I wish we could at stayed here longer... I'll have to come back.

{ Mancora beach at sunset }

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