October 26, 2010

Ecuador: Chasing our own tails

Cuenca was a great city, a small town feel but one of Ecuador's largest cities. Unfortunately, we did not take much time to enjoy it. We arrived Saturday night and after feeling our beds we decided it was going to be a short stay.  Laura and I laid on our very springy beds and read about our next couple of travel days. We quickly discovered that Lima is really far from Ecuador. Turns out South America is massive. At that point we decided to throw in the towel and fly from Quito to Lima (we are hurrying to Cusco to start our bar jobs at Loki Hostel at the end of October). The next day we worked our way back up to Quito stopping in Baños to break up the trip and thank god we did. We also ran into Sarah at our Hostel Plantos y Blanco. Small world.

That night in Baños Laura and I looked up flights to Lima for the first time... whoa, the costs of a plane ticket is outrageous. We can't just jet set around South America like we did in South East Asia. Back to buses.

The next day Laura, Sarah and I took the bus back to Guayaquil (seven hours) and then a night bus to Mancora, Peru. We reached the boarder crossing at 1am to find that the Ecuadorian boarder closes between 1am and 3am. So we waited for two hours in the middle of the night at the boarder (at this point Laura and I are convinced that the Gods are against us leaving Ecuador and that all buses hate us).

We arrived in Mancora the next morning at 6am and are staying at Loki Mancora! Resort living at hostel prices.

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